Thursday, October 1, 2015

Have a Happy Nutritious Morning with New Sanitarium Options Muesli: One Breakfast, Four Ways.

Having worked in school, I know the importance it is for children to have a good breakfast. However, kids can get breakfast fatique when it comes to eating the same breakfast every morning, day in and day out.

Not anymore, 

Mum: Breakfast
Kid 1: I want my muesli warm
Kid 2: I want a smoothie
Kid 3: I want it Bircher Muesli.
Dad:   I want it traditionally with milk.

Mum: Just as well I am a magician, Tralaa. Here it is, Sanitarium Options Fine Cut Muesli.
Everyone: Mum, it is delicious, you are a genius. Thanks.
Mum: Thank Sanitarium, they are the genius.

30% less sugar, with New Zealand Manuka Honey with LSA AND CRUNCHY & QUINOA, packed full of tasty ingredients to help you and your family get a great start to your morning.

I am not paid to write this review. I was given a sample to try out.

little bag of silicone heat bag

New kind of heat bag, little bag of silicone inside, remove the bag of silicone from the beautiful Pouch outside. Heat Silicone for 1 minute only. Can also use AS A COLD BAG. I was given this, because I already have my wheat bags, I gave it to a friend. Cost about NZ$20. This one looks very cute, and 1 minute is fast. But inconvenience of removing the outside pouch. I prefer my old fashion ugly looking self made wheat bag. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World War Two in Borneo

I was born in Borneo, nine years after the end of the World War Two. An era where there was no electricity, no radio and no televison. Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Mom and Dad spent evenings telling us of The Mukden Incident, or Manchurian Incident, 9-18 , 九一八事变 and the heinous Japanese occupation 日本占领. The favourite hero was Captain Fong.
The impact of Captain Fong was so great that Luke, my Grandfather was still telling about his hero for twenty years. Fifty years later, his grandsons were rehashing Ah Kung’s hero. His great grandchildren in faraway Australia and New Zealand are very proud of this Captain Cina.
The older grandchildren thought Captain Fong was a figment of Ah Kung’s imagination. When I wrote "From China to Borneo to Beyond," 海外华人的中国魂, a journal of my people I did not include it in the Chapter of “World War Two.”
It was only in 2014 when Ann connected with Larry Wong, curator of the Chinese Canadian Military. During our discussion, it dawned on me and my brother Joseph that Captain Fong could be an alias of Captain Cheng. I confirmed it with Larry Wong. I felt by omitting the Chapter on Captain Fong, we omitted an important part of our History.
The Canadian soldiers worked in secret in the Canada military Operation Oblivion, people did not know they existed.
To do justice to Captain Fong/Roger Cheng and his men, I wrote this fiction/nonfiction book.

Nibblish-Guilt-free Snack

Snack smarter with Nibblish-Because Life's Too Short Not to Snack.

The Rugby World Cup is on, it is spring and we don't want to be an arm chair All Blacks tucking in tubs of ice cream, DVDs and decadent chocolate puddings, getting fat while the All Blacks show their prowess.

Here comes Nibblish to save the day,

The Nibblish Story

We have a passion for food. We also snack, a lot! We struggled to find healthy, tasty and affordable snacking options and so Melanie began making them at home. A passion was born and this sowed the seeds of Nibblish. We wanted to bring what we provide to our family to New Zealand. Two years and hundreds of snacks later, Nibblish was born.

What the Nutritionist says:

Gavin is about as qualified and experienced as it's possible to be. He has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, completed a two year post-grad diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee, and is also a qualified personal trainer. He's worked around the world with many teams and athletes including the Black Caps, the Kiwis Rugby League, NZ Breakers, the Warriors, Auckland Blues, Emirates Team NZ, NZ Athletics, NZ Swimming, England Rugby, England Cricket team, and more athletes than you could catch! Gavin now runs his own private practice seeing a range of athletes and non-athletes.

Nibblish was born out of respect...

... for the world around us so we've started the Nibblish Foundation to give 10% of our profits to feed kiwis who need a little help.
... for the environment which is why everything in your box is fully recyclable and we've developed a special courier bag which is 100% biodegradable.
... for you and your health so you can rely on us to provide nutrient rich, balanced, healthy snacks to get you through the day.

Each snack has been created by a nutritionist using wholesome ingredients in portion-controlled fresh-seal trays.

What I really like is:

The portion-controlled fresh-seal trays have listed all the ingredients.
Nibblish fruit is 100% natural, it counts as part of you 5+ a day.
They respect the consumer and ask if you have any allergies.
For instance, the Tasty Thai pack has Red Skinned Peanuts, and I am allergic to the peanuts. I steer clear of this tray and my husband loves it. His comment is the Nibblish is high quality and the Sultanas in his Chai Crunch is very fresh and better quality.
You can split the trays and share or you can have an individual tray.
Nibblish comes with a fully recyclable box and a specially-designed courier bag which is 100% biodegradble. I love this, as loving the environment rates very high in my philosophy.
Finally, I really endorse this: The Nibblish Foundation donates 10% of all Nibblish to help feed New Zealanders in need. Paki Paki.

So go ahead, have a healthy good for you nibble on Nibblish.

100% NZ Owned & Operated © Nibblish Ltd 2015

I am given a sample of 4 trays.

The Nibblish Snack Box is available for just just $9.99 per week.  Please visit

red pads

red pads among green on a BMX track